Soul And Body

you pay and I uplift you
you live and I outlive you
you die and I defeat you
in tombstones carving and carbon printing
and nano-ink technology on my neon light
you are trashy and I am flashy
you are ugly and I beautiful
you are the lily and I am the gild
you are the waterfall and I am the mouth to receive you
delete nothing between our never-passing paths
which wind aimlessly across the alluvial plains
the clay banks are your pyramids and like lye
you taste powdery and death-like
you and I are contactless now
through the air and into the clouds
the hype of the massacre is total against your white virgin bosoms
so high and lofty and pure and nasty in their shiny add-ons
you wear a strap-on and I ride a pony inside the club
the secret members take control of the last splendid sun
which is an overestimate of the past
green apples and leaves brandish their arms and poke their pricks into each other
you are bathing on the sunny cliff
while I hound the crustaceans on the mounds
a brown snake swims towards your forbidden fruit
and I strike it with the accuracy of an aged tortoise
wasteful of your youth
hateful of slimy juices
like an old Dutch milk maid with seven breasts
you cut across the humdrum humbug of the press
and smack your seven virginities into my swollen bruises
we are provided for by the Providence
a whole life with nothing but courage
you trust the chimeric thrusts of my engine
I am pivotal
to your double upbringings.

Janet Jiahui Wu is a Hong-Kongese-Chinese-Australian visual artist and writer of poetry and fiction. She has published in various literary magazines such as Voiceworks, Cordite Poetry Review, Mascara Literary Review, Rabbit Poetry, Plumwood Mountain Poetry, foam:e, Tipton Poetry Journal, Yes!, Gone Lawn, SCUM, and so on. She currently lives in South Australia.

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