Infinity Often Pools In Infinity Pools.

Screaming Into Chlorine Chemical Buckets And Wishing Circumstances Weren’t So, Y’know.

Looking Up Synonyms And Antonyms Doesn’t Have The Hoped-for Fullness That Infinity Pooling Brings.

The Time Invested Has Proven Enormous Although Not Entirely Infinite.

So There’s That.

Infinity, Such A Capricious And Yet Not Capricious Event.

Back, Forth, Infinity Goes Swirling Casually Like Pool-toys Pushed Around An Infinity Swimming Pool.

Penthouse Daddies With Gold Plated Chains Lounge Within Camo Speedos, Feasting Their Daddy Eyes On Infinity Babes.

Babes Wade Endlessly In Diamond Encrusted Bikinis, With Refracted Fluid Rainbows Bouncing Up From Their Splashes.

Wow, Infinite Babes, Infinite Rainbows, Infinite Daddies, Infinite Pools, Infinite Infinity.

In Cases Of Infinity, Please Walk Carefully.


Slippery When Wet, And Its Always Wet At The Pool, Baby.

Diving Prohibited.

Especially In Pools Designed 100 Million Meters Away From Here.

Now I Truly Think This Idea Doesn’t Sink In With Those Who Wear Inflatable Luxury Devices.

Nor Does The Whole “No Swimming Off Into The Nothingness” Rule.

Rich People Think They Can Just Goddamn Do Whatever They Goddamn Please.

Goddamn Them.

Infinity Rules Are Made For A Very Good Reason.

If You Let One Daddy Or One Babe Dive Off The Edge Of The Infinity Pool, Then What’s Next?

Infinity Daddies Need Infinity Rules Or They Just Go Around Berserk And Greedy Like Beetles Swarming Carcasses.

In This Case, The Rules Absolutely Aren’t There To Be Flaunted.


Pools Are Such Shiny Paradises, Not Just For Big Oily Spenders.

Everyone Should Come And Play In The Infinity Pool.








Emma Jenkins is a writer with a PhD in contemporary experimental writing.

Hannah Jenkins is an emerging arts writer and poet with a Masters in Curating and Cultural Leadership.

Together, their practice considers how the internet and computer systems interact with and inform real life.

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