A non binary poem

After Catherine B. Kraus


Requires stamina and
poise to identify….It aims for illegibility….
A sexy non-linearity!

your assumptions and tired ripostes!

It sports an undercut…and asymmetrical hair….it
speaks for those outside its jurisdiction….

Don’t you know form is mostly
a theoretical thing – don’t you

Know I went to the most
prestigious university in
the country????

That I’ve served lifetimes in
the barren outlands of

And my research is
intellectually and
spiritually sound,
and thoroughly defined?

My poem prances hither and thither…….
casting scathing looks!
it occasionally takes sips from
some Pellegrino sparkling water
it, quite simply, trots through the halls of colonial buildings
mentions something indiscernible about “activating the space”
it accepts appraisal from the
necessary professors,
and speaks in its own tribulating way

This poem spits in the face
of anyone who dare question it
and remains blissfully unaware of
a world unmarked by cultural clout

This poem may be a non binary poem
but refuses the gaze of an actual
non binary person
for all we know, gender
is just a metaphor, and
i’ve drunk far too many complementary
mimosas to tell left from right

What with my
Oscar Wylee glasses and dense
hypothetical phenomenons
I can crack the ceiling of this
crusty institution though there’s
nothing left to pillage

I can arrange my words in
such a way so that they arouse
Oohs and aahs from the sheeple
of expensive terrace houses
but cannot correctly identify how
to pass over my power
or to harness emotional

Those not habituated to my
tightly knitted circles are not
of my concern: sure, they
may have hearts, and minds, and
“complex thoughts about the world”

based off of “legitimate epistemically
valid experience”
but what does that matter
if they haven’t even read Deleuze???






Jonno Revanche is a writer and multi-hyphenate currently living on Gadigal land. They are interested in light-hearted and casual themes, like isolation, alienation, disidentification, existential doom, heat death, and the impending collapse of our entire environmental system.

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