a sea view and the things you think of

only imagine the blood comes out of the body the blood comes out of the body papery and in sheets looking like seaweed and smells too the seaweed round and crushes         people under the weight of its smell the earth is circular when viewed from above the analogue is that we come from sewage and return to sewage when we are cut don’t talk                about redemption I tell myself because if you drive towards D——— you pass the sewage farms and they will stink for centuries you can’t just get over that smell gross bodily things excite you and you are happy with         the internet as it is now but are also excited for its future because you know that                the future is like flotsam if the flotsam is a dead sea mammal like maybe a porpoise or a dolphin something beautiful that decays and bloats in the sea water but is partially preserved because the ocean is salty and it has been pickled







Anupama studies mathematics at The University of Melbourne. In 2014, her poetry collection was shortlisted for the Whitmore Press Manuscript Prize and her stories, poetry and artwork have been published in Cordite Poetry Review, Rabbit Poetry Journal, CUL-DE-SAC and Farrago. She is Deputy Editor of The Suburban Review.

Image by L.C. Nøttaasen.

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