Scum is an online literary magazine, launched in February 2013. We are a Australian/New Zealand based publication, though we accept submissions worldwide. We aim to deliver new writing a couple times a week and publish fiction, poetry, non-fiction, and basically whatevz. Scum has filthy feminist leanings and a disregard for propriety. Scum is for people who haven’t figured their lives out yet but will probably get there one day. It’s basically like that Miley Cyrus song “The Climb” except that it is not like that at all.


Sian Campbell, Editor in Chief
Louisa Buchanan, Non-Fiction Editor
Stacey Teague, Poetry Editor
Tegan Webb, Fiction Editor


General enquiries and submissions: submissions@scum-mag.com (submission guidelines can be found here)


Scum logo and artwork by the lovely Mel Stringer xoxo


proudly supported by Australia Council for the Arts