After a session with planchette I require a glass of milk and perhaps a small cake

This life is a haunting:
veiled curtain draped
on everything. Window-
sill garden overflowing
with rutabaga, _______,
ivy. At camp our uniforms
didn’t match our socks,
the counselors hung us
upside-down as a lesson.

(Tiny child bodies.
crust of woods.
You know the rest:
Light as a feather, stiff…)

Note found between bookends:
[insert girl in bulging dress.] Half-shaded by weep-
ing willows. Scabbed knees.
We tongue each other under-
neath bunk beds. I’m
obsessed with autobiography,
but the sort
that exists to say
what isn’t. To say, look:
dim shadows
running down
my frame
like trace of wings

or wings themselves:

to say in a mirror, if
I squint hard enough,
I see your reflection.









Zef Lisowski is a NYC transplant, Kanye West apologist, and watery Pisces mess. Their work has previously appeared in Vetch: A Magazine of Trans Poetry and Poetics, Hobart, Identity Theory, and Freeze Ray Poetry, in addition to the forthcoming collaborative zine sundress comma fangs. On the internet, find them as zefrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Image: Travis Wise

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