blue glaucus nudibranch

and you are on your back
on holy ground

every orifice
is synaptic cleft
for urchin spine
gush of inward shore break
inoculant reviving

sun, and moon, and periscope
pause for open mouth collapse
we roll earth to earth
spawning interchangeable

rumple silk
thread weave of spit
driv ineptitude
laughter pass my cunt

‘aqua terrestria subsidy’
inking site to site
bodies atop driftwood
I heard you say, ‘pleasure’

Raynen O’Keefe is a non binary human-artist, and emerging writer living and working on unceded Gadigal lands, in Warrang (so-called Sydney). They have a background in film studies and an arts practice – writing and dance – that is centred on the body, and is interested in somatics, and restorative work.

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