1) Flame Shirt on Hog’s Breath Pig with under-title SLAM DUNK (Guy Fieri font if poss. Can provide example)

2) Steven Spielberg/Bruce Willis back-to-back faces on size 10 bowling ball (iridescent finish) with balloon font (can provide example): “Eighty Frames per Second”

3) Gothic font: TWEENER FOR LIFE. Bowling ball (opalescent) above the “i”, spinning in the style of Doug Kent (who is obviously considered a power-stroker, but if you watch him, his form is consistent with what many consider Tweening)

4) Monster truck with bowling ball wheels (two-toned?)

5) Single teardrop below left eye, except in reflection of teardrop, you can see a bowling lane with the number “56” written on the lane, and the lane is laid with white beechwood and the pins are laid out with one missing and in the missing spot is a skull but the skull is smiling like not grinning but more like “well, here I am”.

6) “Low-ball Lewis” written in 80s font (can provide example) below Sean Bean breakdancing. Could position on upper thigh depending on length of Sean Bean’s hair (negotiable).

7) Hollywood lettering, wrapped around left bicep: “Bedpost Badass” and dad’s wedding ring makes up the O. Can provide Polaroid of wedding ring.

8) “R.I.P. Daddy Lewis” in 18-point Grunt Font (can provide verbal example) above breakdancing Liam Neeson, who is wearing a bowling shirt embroidered with image of Sean Bean.

9) Entire lyrics of Crazy Town’s “Revolving Door” written in Ninja-Star font (can provide extensive dream journal notes), encompassing Manga-Style gourmet hot dog.

10) Twin axes, spinning inexorably towards an image of me, my heart depicted as an empty, blackened husk, crying uncontrollably above my father’s well-worn bowling shoes, clutching a scorecard in my hand that simply says, in my own handwriting, “300 GAME”.

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