buttery roots

plates are stacking up crusted with leftovers

and i forgot to shower today

my pink shorts enter day 21 of being on the clothing line

and I wonder, really, if they’ll ever come down

maybe productivity is more challenging

in a global pandemic

my bank account is being emptied 

by rare hunks with voluptuous leaves

things i can sustain and feed

when i can’t sustain and feed myself   

my countless propagated babies

are weaving thick tapestries of roots 

in their milk bottles 

Impressive enough 

that heterosexual women gasp and say “ahhh” when walking 

past my window 


fernie sanders is no longer sunburnt

he started thriving as soon as his namesake stopped 

franklin  has finally grown 

a silly white root

from her node

finally. i was worried you were a better gardener

(and parent)

than i am 

my bonsai's trunk looks like a hot butt with thick thighs

crossing over like that move nicole scherzinger does

the move I try to emulate in my leggings with the crotch hole 

so you’ll think i’m sexy    

my plant dealer asks me to be her neighbour 

in animal crossing 

before asking me if i'm a Marissa or an Alex?

because seth and ryan are so 2004.  

she's hot and loves to flirt 

in between purchases of calatheas  

so i download animal crossing

i thought you didn’t love me

and that’s why you moved out


oh look, 

it's princess peach

unfurling a new leaf

Dani Leever is a writer, DJ and cool sad boy from Narrm. They work at the Emerging Writers’ Festival and have written for SBS, Pedestrian.tv, JUNKEE, VICE and Archer Magazine. They like lying on the floor drinking wine and making collages about their feelings. Find them on Twitter @DaniLeever + Insta @djgaydad.

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