Dammit, Jim, I don’t know what I am


(A predictive-text poem)

in Sydney on Saturdays
the void gazes back
I have no idea what I’m doing

I drank seven beers
and I am honestly so happy
that you’re so confident in your wrong opinions

the void is too powerful
for a writer I am not going to be
a writer when you get here

we can catch up on my way home
my phone and I don’t have much more
than a week

message you tomorrow
I’m doing okay I just wanted to let you know
that I have no idea what I’m doing






Raelee Lancaster is a poet, research assistant and creative producer. Her work has featured in Rabbit, Voiceworks, and other print and online publications. In 2018, Raelee was awarded first place for the Nakata Brophy Short Fiction and Poetry Prize for Young Indigenous Writers. Find Raelee on Twitter @raeleelancaster

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