Fantastic Zines and Where to Find Them: An Update

Oh hey there Scummerinos! If you’ve been keeping up with the Scumdashians on facey, you’ll know that we’ve recently pushed our blue light disco zine out of the birth canal that is Officeworks, and into the world.

“Remember blue light discos? Blue light discos were a transformative space of early subject-formation and bourgeoning sexuality. When we were working on the zine, we wanted to talk about how nostalgia can be dangerous. We wanted to celebrate but also interrogate the early naughties, to hold that damn Paul Frank monkey accountable for something we haven’t yet put our finger on. We wanted to talk about sexual awakenings and boundaries being crossed, about cheap soft drink, the Spice Girls and Dawson’s Creek. We wanted to bring it all back, bring it all back now.

So that’s what we did” – letter from the editors

We’re happy to announce that as of today you can pick up a copy of the zine online right here. If online shopping isn’t your bag and you live in Melbourne you can also pop on down to Sticky Institute, in the Campbell Arcade in the Degraves Subway on Flinders Street, and pick one up in person. Of course, if you’re one of our wonderful pozible backers, or happened upon us at the NYWF 2014 zine fair, then you’ll already have a copy. (Australia Post is a slow-moving beast, so if yours hasn’t arrived yet, stick with us – it’s not far away!)

Over the next little while we’ll be bringing you some select pieces from the zine and slapping them right here ‘on the webs’ for those of you with, like, paper allergies or whatever. You’re welcome xxx

Oh, and if we haven’t said it enough lately: thank you for being a friend.


P.S: We’ve recently made some changes to our submission policy. If you’re a wannabe Scumbag and keen to feed us your word-meats, perhaps check out our submission guide. (Hint: the new stuff is the bold bit at the top.)

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