farm wife


you come home and joke

that I’m your farm wife

in my long brown skirt

and beige sweater

sleeves rolled up

to knead the bread

another loaf already

in the oven

I spent the afternoon

hanging sheets outside

to frolic in the wind

and daydreaming about

which vegetables to plant

come spring

it’s so romantic

waking up before dawn

and sitting in the freezing mud

milking cows

while a little farm cat

jumps around

looking for farm mice

or sitting in the farmhouse

after dinner

darning socks

whatever that means

and catching up on

the latest farm gossip

such as

which chickens have

stopped laying

who’s planted tomatoes

instead of waiting

for one last frost

or reading about the latest

farm crime

until I go to bed

with you

my farm husband

exhausted and content

too tired to dream




Ash Davida Jane is a poet and bookseller from Aotearoa. Her work can be read in Starling, Sweet Mammalian, Food Court, Mimicry, Sport, Turbine, Peach Mag, and more. Her first book Every Dark Waning was published in 2016.



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