Father’s Day, 2018


For Oliver Brown

Headline on women’s magazine reads:
My dead dad came back as a durry

They respond:
“Just in time for Father’s day”

We lament
There is nothing so beautiful

As getting lost in a cloud
of second hand cigarette

Fanging a Fads like he taught you to
Chats like sprinkled ash on the balcony

Sing-a-longs to The Eagles or
Creedence Clearwater Revival

Downing a sack of goon like a big-noter
Putting him to bed before you head to school

Coming home late that evening
To see an eviction notice and a tenner on the kitchen table

Realising he just up and left
Like smoke







Raelee Lancaster is a Brisbane-based poet, research assistant and creative producer. Her work has featured in Rabbit, Voiceworks, Overland, and other print and online publications. Find Raelee on Twitter @raeleelancaster

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