figs & tar

this humming,
fluorescent lit crypt, this
of a place–
here, bodies tell us

about ribbed things, & things
that once had ribs. figs & tar &

clottings & pulp & pink tissued
organs that hover
like messiahs mid-
ascension. these

flesh cuttings gloam
in glass jars– cross section
of a human termite nest

a baby’s hand
curled up
in a question mark.

this is all that’s left–
miscarried foetal bloom
& fingernails
like sickled moons.





*meditation on a human anatomy museum, 18th August 2015


Perri Roach is an eighteen year old writer and artist based in Sydney who wishes she had more to put in her writer’s bio. She spends her time saving insects from being squashed and using lots of exclamation points. You can find more of her writing at Image: Melanie Tata.


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