pt 1 /- Dirrty 2002 2am

zips red and white jacket motorbike

continues beyond edges

if you can’t trust me who can you trust

but doesn’t it always




crowd duh

you don’t know what’s happening out here beyond the screen. beyond the walls you deserve to be happy. you deserve to be free of

trust me, rides motorbike thru juggalo crowd

if u don’t, also order water

close-up of Redman’s teeth, but seriously though

steamy shower in rainforest

add me

cream beige lip-gloss, ornate gold labret, ornate gold nose stud, black eyes, because you’re worth it

then u should’ve put a fire whirl on it

a chainlink fence on fence on fence on fire

she pops out of the cage, no one talks to her, about how the casino burns to the ground, every fucking hour on the hour.

I’m tired,


condemned wharves.

face so foundation it’s butter

watch flames

forest fists

leeches: inner thighs


scented bin liners

& she’s still inside u

scented panty liners

red with an “X” on the back, chaps & smoking is still

ttly dodelijk.

moss inside, slashes in the ground, hair so black it’s white;

moist an optical illusion in the centre of the ring, which is square

wet draws u

anime off switch

generous to reader by believing that they can deal with it, whatever that is

one nostril blocked

a real page turner

add someone on facebook

that’s enough now i started writing again

pt 2 /- What’s the opposite of Christina Aguilera


have shower, put on same undies as before

make dinner back to bed no lights and from bed

thru windows

vista (world)

extending for days for miles for days literally i love you i love you love live 😛

a maze in my own bed/set path

dream thru u

own space

a really basic emotion rounded, shaped

connect by touching finger tips

nothing here sci-fi wifi

it’s just a blacklight

it’s just a björk videoclip

it’s just a chris cunningham prop

it’s just a fire lit right under my bed

instant message

it’s just a panic then a languid, eloping scramble, a guzzle, a swan from my flame to the door with no fire on the other side a swoop

woop woop

i kiss your lips and close my eyes

put pennies on it

can’t breathe right now

speak up plz, wearing towel




don’t need hair to wear a headband just a head

babies do it all the time


smoke inhalation?

get out

dreaming of:

sirens, kittens, smudges

but they’re all in here

and i’m in the plot

i’m in here

3% batts

the crazy truth of how i got out will shock you to the core but one (open source) still in there, trapped

will explain how next time

save the planet

kettle constantly boiling

it’s not smoke its steam

away from tropes


what other media has enfolded a meaningful or symbolic kettle on the boil


kettle boiling link to fire under bed

rolling boil even now, take the kettle off the flame just to refill it and back on again

don’t turn off taps

literally turn

a solid or meaningful kettle on the boil

a solid or meaningful bean shaped swimming pool

a solid or symbolic turn off the tap when you leave the house but leave it on while you’re home we’ve got feelings

what’s so good about the sun



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