How a penguin is like a sloth


A sonnet for Laura

It never occurred to me that at certain weeks
my basic movements, a measured manner
of gestures, was inspected so closely by others.
I liked to move a paddle brush over my side part
Flip it over, reach through my legs & behind my knees
Write about how to lay in bed all day was
A dialectic method of dealing with a hunger crisis
on the opposite end of the earth (not really). We are alike,
it seems, in the sense that a pile and a heap
are alike, in the sense that one is neat, the other
immeasurable, or in the sense that one is like an
emblem for success, the other the heart of how to
undo the earth. Or maybe are we alike in the sense
that one of us is a slick thing and the other pure fuzz.





Elena Gomez is a Melbourne poet and book editor, and is the author of Body of Work (Cordite Books, 2018), which was highly commended in the 2019 Victorian Premier’s Literary Awards, and the chapbooks Chill Flakes (SUS Press) and Per (co-written with Eddie Hopely, Make Now Books).

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