Lesbians end everything

on my way into my body my mother told me
emphasis punctuated with serious finger pointing
you are the dark heel of the family,
lesbians end everything!
living in tomorrow I inadvertently
ping the deviance-from-hetero-norms radar
by being something different

on my way through high school socials my classmates told me
through the sound bones of my stubborn skull
voices rising on the night wind
poofters and lezzos end everything
living in tomorrow I inadvertently
stoke anxieties of the cultural after-party
by being something different

one day in my twenties my father told me
you are the vulnerable, invisible splitting atom
of your own self-destruction,
bombs end everything!
living in tomorrow I inadvertently
resist following my own footprints to extinction
by being someone different

on this day in my life plan I’m still looking for a narrative
that doesn’t start with a woman being murdered
I go for value capture,
embrace the end of everything
remembering tomorrow I inadvertently
read again graffiti we daubed on walls and billboards
living something different








Sandra Renew’s poetry raises contemporary issues and questions about war, language, translation, dislocation, border crossings, dissent, gender. As a community poet, she was one of the poet/organisers of the Canberra Poet-A-Thon for Refugees (raising funds for the support of asylum seekers and refugees September 2015). She has published poems in various chapbooks, online in Sotto and in Burley Journal. Another project, Triage, a chapbook of poems on Afghanistan in collaboration with artist Karen Bailey, was launched early in 2014. 
Image: Tina

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