Letter To The Producers Of Patricia Arquette’s Medium

Dear Producers of Patricia Arquette’s Medium,

I’m not sure whether Patricia Arquette’s Medium is still in production or not, but either way I thought I would shoot some ideas your way RE the next season. If you were having a creative “dry spell”—pun intended!—then these might help you get the crystal ball rolling (LOL!)

Idea 1#: Patricia Arquette’s Medium seems to dwell a lot on solving crimes/ancient mysteries but there is not v. much regarding the character Patricia Arquette’s day to day life. I think there is potential for some pretty rich comedy in this vein, just waiting to be drilled into. Imagine the hijinks, the goofs and the hilarious mix-tapes that would come out of having ghosts as friends.

For example, you could have a storyplot where she is shopping for Christmas gifts* for her friends, but has two shopping lists – one with a list of things for her normal friends (books, muffins, other objects that need holding) and another shopping list that are things for her ghost friends (concepts/intangible [need to research?]) Naturally, there is a processing error at the store and all the gifts for the living are sent to the dead, and vis-a-vis. Imagine the look on a ghost’s face as it tries to open a box containing a coffee mug! Imagine the look on a human’s face when they open a box of wind and shadows!

Idea 2#: Patricia Arquette’s Medium seems to drag most during the scenes where the character of Patricia Arquette is alone in various mansions, looking in cupboards, walking flights of stairs etc. What is needed is more witty banter and the perfect way to introduce that banter into the show’s scripts would be to have her communicating with an animal side-kick.

During the 1990s (AKA the Silver Age of Television) there was a great show I saw called Sabrina & The Teenage Witch. I did not care much for the Teenage Witch character however loved the antics of her pet cat Sabrina. The Teenage Witch and Sabrina were always standing about in the kitchen, shouting and shrieking jokes at each other and it was amazing! Wow! Such loud, funny television.

Unfortunately The Teenage Witch character was killed off, leaving Sabrina turning idly in the wind but now I think it is time to put that cat back in the prime rotation where it belongs! Here is a small scene that I’ve scripted between Sabrina and Patricia Arquette.


PATRICIA and SABRINA are in a haunted mansion, talking.


Boy, I don’t know about this – my inner senses are telling me that many many people have died in this room.


Have you seen the colour of these drapes, though? Yech! I would want to die too if I lived in here.

SABRINA makes his patented laugh sound and PATRICIA shakes her head, but smirking a little too – she knows that SABRINA is just trying to make the best of a pretty upsetting situation.

I’ve included some schematics as to the design of Sabrina that I hope will help.


Naturally with the addition of Sabrina into the show, you would want to reupdate the show’s title to reflect it – Patricia Arquette & Sabrina’s Medium. OK that is all the ideas that I have but I think this should be enough to get your creative juices going. I look forward to catching the first season of Sabrina & Patricia Arquette’s Teen Medium!

Kindest regards,

A Helpful Fan

*naturally this would be changed to suit what time of year the show as being aired e.g. if it were a Tuesday then have the decorations and gifts reflect a Tuesday theme

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