Lexical Pornography

i. Monologue

I’ve been writing on my skin.
Cheap pens, ink that bleeds,
staining touchscreens and clean sheets.

A word for every bruise on my thighs.
Sentences along my collarbones.
Paragraphs from wrist to elbow.

I confess on both hands.
Push my inked fingers inside my cunt
and fuck myself with language.

And when I take my hands from myself, I imagine stories slick inside me,
a slow drip down my thigh.
I imagine sentences clenching around you, whispering against your skin,
reciting in rhythm as we fuck.
I imagine your cock, pulled out of me, black with my handwriting,
coated in a thousand confused letters.


ii. Dialogue

Teach me new languages
both lexical and physical.
Fuck me with your words.

All the verbs are transitive.
Taking every object, active.
Subjecting myself, passive.

The incomplete syntax of
our bodies, breathing expletive
infixes. Oh my – fucking – god.

We’ll fuck in parataxis.
My cunt. Your tongue. (Inhale.)
Your hands. My mouth. (Exhale.)

We’ll fuck in polysyndeton.
Run-on gestures touching
grabbing licking stroking.

I’ll make all your nouns improper.
You’ll talk me to death.






Viola V is a dilettante pornographer, linguistic hussy and mouth enthusiast. She works with images both still and moving, words and thread. She has been published by Quaint Magazine and Wet Ink. You can see more of her enthusiastically NSFW work at viola-v.tumblr.com. Image from Flickr.


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