markov chain cut-up #1: empathi xcx

Screenshot containing text as follows. Source texts: 'Pop 2' and 'Charli' by Charli XCX; 'The Empathy Exams' by Leslie Jamison. Being asked seemed mortifying  /  Partner of all your heart  /  What grows where I felt about desire  /  I've become someone enough to keep it  /  a month knitted them  /  I just wanna believe in mood but  /  The problem was legible  /  I wonder, which means agreeing with statements like this  /  what forms of these accounts would tell them /  I get cut open up  /  a funny word structure / I express feeling possessive of our way  /  I blame it on your picture revolving in my chest  /  Empathy requires inquiry as well  /  My fingers run away the dark  /  in my heart I want this surgery in silence  /  get too close I'll pull up  /  I can usually feel guilt for hours  /  that poster hung above our encounters  /  Our simulated crying  /  Let you summon the hardest parts  /  you were a pain scale  /  the bacterial evidence of closeness  /  you don’t know its echo  /  It suggests empathy comes here / I felt the amount of me  /  it wouldn't last two years in a little bit of my chest

Rory Green is a writer, editor and Charli XCX stan living on unceded Gadigal land.

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