May 2014,

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Photo on 11-04-14 at 9.28 PM #3

I’m sleeping on the floor in a hotel in Okinawa, my friend keeps launching herself onto my futon in her sleep, it took me ~3 hours to look at that photo of you because you are incredibly hot and it’s fucked up and I want you.

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there is a healing power of water 

there is a healing power of showering after midnight 

showering before you sleep

getting fresh for the dreaming 

there was a specific day in march where I took several showers 

there was a specific day where I drank between 3 and 4 litres of water

and the thirst wouldn’t stop coming 

and I got off at the wrong stop

by the airport without realising 

just stood there for a long time staring at the internet via different coloured squares on my phone 

in march I let the water fall on to me and on to me and on to me 

in march I thought of the beach where I grew up and imagined myself happily existing there, just below the surface, breathing comfortably, being naked inside the water, happy and alone forever. 

just walking around thinking like, ‘I can’t breathe’ and

 waiting for my phone to vibrate

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but it’s hard to feel sexy when you haven’t digested anything in ~3 weeks

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i’m okay but feel like it’s been a long time since i’ve been held by someone. i’m at least like 90% water right now and i’m watching a Seinfeld episode i’ve seen ~4 times already.


lol I forgot about ‘friday nights’

photo (2)

I’m listening to a 50 cent youtube playlist lying on a yoga mat eating ice cream, i’m allergic to ice cream and I’m ready for fucking anything




we met in the supermarket


she smiled in a way that said “hi I’m truly breakable”


I smiled in a way that said “hi me too”



I want to you remember the joy of arriving home


connecting to the internet


I want you to remember the joy of living alone


but feeling together



I want it to be like the eye of the storm


I want it to stay that way forever



The thing about love and wifi is



if I want wifi reception I can move half way across the room


but if I want you I have to move halfway across the world







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