mouth poem


a tongue-combing mouth
a sea-foaming mouth
oil-slick rolled in a grey-pink mouth
bitter flesh; a gurgling mouth

wade-deep, mouths! & swallow polymers!
spit-up, mouths! & bloom mouth-ulcers!

lathered drift; a garbage-patch mouth
spume melts in a saline mouth
saliva froth-dripping; a flotsam mouth
eye-sore mouth churning; a grim mouth

salivate mouths! & seethe particulates!
marine-litter mouths! & bioaccumulate!

polyping gyres; a gelatinous mouth
birds-nest soup; a slick, sucking mouth
bisphenol A in the tissues of every living mouth
jellied orifice; a filter-feeding mouth

blister, mouths! & feed on medusae!
boil-up, mouths! & slurp necrosis!





Terri Ann Quan Sing is a writer living and working in Naarm. You can find more of her writing online in Meanjin, The Lifted Brow, Stilts, & Mascara; & find her on twitter here.

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