News: Into the Future

Howdy Scummers!

We’re switching things up around here and we want you to be the first to know! Scum has been in operation now for two years, and learning what works and what doesn’t is a gradual process. To keep us moving forward into the future, we’ve re-evaluated and re-shifted a little, and we’re really excited to see how this all goes.


Here’s what’s gonna change from September 1:

  • James Butler is taking on a brand new role we’ve created just for him! He’s our new, true blue “Culture Editor”.
  • Culture will incorporate our preexisting “Rant” section, with a bit more scope. It will be a place for thoughtful essays, considered arguments, criticism, and long-form reviews. Basically, consider it the home of all non-fiction that can’t be classified as “memoir”, okay? If you have an essay sitting in a drawer somewhere that analyses the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle in Xena and juxtaposes it against the current rhetoric surrounding K-Stew and the “gal pal”, that is a thing we would like to read. For example. (Except, not really, because that’s my idea, and please don’t steal it.)
  • With James helming the new Culture section, that leaves us a fiction editor down. Luckily Chloë Reeson has agreed to fill James’s shoes. Chloë is an A+ Brisbane-based fiction writer, and we’re pretty stoked to have her. Welcome Chloë! <3
  • Of course, with the Rant section being re-purposed into Culture, that means Sam George-Allen is out of a job. Or does it?! Sam has agreed to come on as Scum’s resident astrologer, which is going to be ridiculous and great. (We’re still figuring out exactly what a “resident astrologer” entails, but when we figure it out we’ll let you know.)


So, that’s about it. Are you excited? We’re excited. If you want to submit to Scum, don’t forget to read our submission guide. Submissions are open from the 1st to the 7th every month. (With one caveat! We’ve had an influx of poetry submissions, so for the month of September only, poetry submissions are closed.) We can’t wait to see what you got!

xoxo, Sian (Ed in Chief)

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