Pioneer Myths


As we bump up the Oregon Trail of

your infinite driveway I say plz 🙂

tell me the story of the first goths you met:

again the fables of those noble early adopters

bravely applying eyeliner in high wind

a Tamagotchi washing up on the shore

of a future of soft landings on this path

littered with mongrel-Saxons where

Losing My Religion is always playing in a driverless car 

I tell you the myth of the boy who 

[not wanting to wear a medical alert bracelet]

had TYPE 2 DIABETES tattooed on his forearm in Century Gothic

and we laugh like soft cattle, same but different as ever

on these dusk-heavy and slack days when

even Teju Cole writing about Radiohead reads like Clickhole

the aircon is on in the driverless car

and I am changing your Instagram handle to lindberghbaby

we tell ourselves it’s important to keep beginning

the bright light the old road




Alex Griffin is a researcher and tutor from Kenwick, WA. You can find his work at Cordite, Overland, the Sydney Morning Herald, Going Down Swinging, Swampland and others.

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