*piss hitting a toilet bowl under a lone fluorescent lightbulb*

i was at southern cross station the other day,
coming out of the toilets
and this couple walked up
the girl had to turn left to pee, the guy had to turn right
and they seemed so unwilling to let go of each other’s hands.
i thought,
i hope i’m never so attached to someone that i can’t enjoy a solitary piss

it’s funny
when you leave a party just for a little bit
(because you’re dizzy/busting/craving a smoke/whatever)
how the quietness around you
is louder than the doof doofing in the party marquee,
because it’s closer
and you look down and notice
that your hands are a little dirty,
a detail you never would have noticed on the dancefloor

i have this doona that doesn’t make any noise
(you know how some rustle when you move?
this one doesn’t)
so i can turn and toss as much as I want and
no one will wake up
which is liberating,
so i don’t know why
when i use that doona i always have bad dreams

i know i’m an adult now
because i rent my own unit
i don’t wear pants very often,
and i can hear the fridge hum
at almost any time of day

there’s a gif on tumblr
of a cat
and the caption: “i feel so alone”
it’s been reblogged by three hundred thousand people

my little son is playing happily on the carpet
and i’m busting, so i go and piss
as fast as i can
with the door open,
i hope he’s alright without me for a minute






Caitlin is a 21 year old BA student who has a fascination with horror, a horror of birds, and the burden of perfectionism. In her spare time she is raising a small person, and in despair time she watches Dylan Moran get drunk. She is a contributing co-editor of Bechdel Babes and tweets at @caitlinmcgregor

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