The Discovery of Purple

After Reubans

Your cat is judging my manicure; they kiss
purple. Your roommate says, the coasts
of Greece were renovated by the disposed
shell-fish/murex casings. An Anthropocene is
something you carry, a perfectly sealed suit-
-case/ cardboard box from Bunnings. Hope-
-less to measure any coast they say: fractals are
appearing in the mineral layer, the body
of a lorikeet; maggots swim/pupate.  
You have many chickens in your back-yard
I want to touch/hold. The world was dying
for purple. The dog of Heracles—not
that one, an actual person—discovered it
their jaw stained purple from its chewing
snails. Magenta was named after
the battle, in 1859. Orange from
the fruit, changing hands. A wingless fly crawling across
the table, next to your lemongrass
cutting. You watch this practically
orphic thing and the protest livestream. You
say, sorry our wi-fi is water. You
ask for a medium, like Saul
and Samuel. Your roommate disappears, donning
a welding visor—the sun green in its glass.

Josie/Jocelyn Deane is a writer/student at the university of Melbourne. Their work has appeared in Cordite, Southerly, Australian Poetry and Overland, among others. They were one of the recipients of the 2013 457 visa poetry/ shortlisted for the 2015 Marsden and Hachette prize for poetry. They live on unceded Wurundjeri land. 

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