the incline up barkly street’s a killer

i ride my bike home w a backpack full of custard apples
and a butterfly makes its way straight into my mouth
why am i the only one to take the bins out
well it is true that booking a hard rubbish collection
feels better than a juice cleanse

216 wants to take me on a hot date to gardenvale
but i get so far as the pub
and shout the driver to a pint
a fly flew into her wine so i’m drinking a free glass of pinot gris
and she tells me
babe i reckon purgatory is the city loop forever

i turn the page on a jamie oliver thinkpiece
and pour wet food into the cat’s bowl
( I Had A Crush On Him As A Kid )
how’s the cat ?
she’s busy
i’d take a bullet for you patricia

my wife is nearly home
there she is
at sunset footy training w the girls
makes me wanna get it together
walking to the supermarket
for the third time today
but lady at the fruit shop has me blushing
and i leave my 50c change on the counter

other jobs:
will you help me dig a shallow grave ?
$40 cash on completion

i pay my girlfriend’s myki fine
and we watch the news together in the morning
the weather man tells us
it’s a warm day ahead
we put on our socks and hats
and plant three rows of sweetcorn
in each other’s backyards
and the myki fine pays itself






Emma Caskey is an artist/performer living in Melbourne’s western suburbs, who spends her time cooking elaborate dinners and convincing herself to hold off on getting chickens. You can find out more about her here:

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