THIS WEEK IN REVIEW: 23rd – 29th March

Brought to you by Hayley Stockall, Jizzy Butler,  Jack Vening, and Sam George-Allen.

Eavesdropped conversations 2/3

 Hayley Stockall

Wednesday, 20/03/13, kitchen with the dirty ceiling, table covered in old MX’s

Too poor to eat out, nowhere to go. I smear homebrand cream cheese onto a piece of toast and listen to the guy next door yell at his housemate about the giant shit he’s about to take.


Jizzy Butler

Last week straight-up dope thug Rowena Grant-Frost (@rowenaboggle) twizzled a link ta da most thugged-out dope thang on tha internizzle, Put yo muthafuckin choppers up if ya feel this muthafucka! It caused a major freak up amongst me n’ mah playas. Gizoogle’s enterprise be a simple but dope one: joint url goes in, gangstafied version of entered joint comes out. It be tha dopest thang eva n’ mah thuglife is fulla n’ richer fo’ knowin dat shit. Thanks Gizoogle biaatch!
[Editor’s note: Yes we Gizoogled a review of Gizoogle, you think this is a game? THIS IS META PEOPLE.]




The real big chocolate bunny that my girlfriend said I could have some of but then left me unsupervised around
 Jack Vening

I have died. I am dead.

★★★★ (made me sick but)




That time I got a pap smear and the doctor told me not to laugh
 Sam George-Allen

“The speculum could just SHOOT OUT!”

★★★★, would ineffectively suppress laughter while in stirrups again



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