Three Poems


i wouldn’t. i mean what if they’re dating
someone terrible or what if they’re incredibly
off-putting in that way that makes
something curl up inside you like
you should be patient. i unfollowed you on
instagram and have decided to silently
appreciate your existence,
like a waterfall or the chrysler




for m.l.

in another world we are sulky
teen boys making out behind
the bleachers. what we can’t find
words for we say with our hands
and teeth, fumbling towards the
sinewy rightness of each others’ bodies.





every pretty little red-lipped pastel-
haired bangs and porcelain-skinned
girl with big brown eyes i ever
deleted screengrabs of
haunts my trash like an
unbearably cute spirit hollering
about all my shortcomings. i consult
a witch and sprinkle salt around
my laptop, then repeat a warding
phrase: ‘i don’t want to see
or be seen by
hot ppl,







merritt k is a canadian writer and designer whose work explores the conditions of intimacy in precarious settings. Her first book, Videogames for Humans, is an exploration of contemporary interactive fiction, published by Instar Books in 2015. She currently hosts the podcast Woodland Secrets and can be found on Twitter at @merrittkopas. Image: TORLEY.

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