turn off

i exit the loop road

your turn off on the left

               two hands


on the wheel. we’re late

we’re always late and driving

straight along this sea. you ask


if there was no water

then where’d we be? dark hair

               flat against the sky


even flatter than when i

first light

left you in eden on purpose


walked barefoot as the city

painted herself pink

husky desert creature

              from earth


to a satellite flies the phrase

            “i love you”.

my phonelight flashes while


we make omelettes in your kitchen

she makes omelettes

in your kitchen

              i made


omelettes. you have grey hairs

not blonde? he asks. no,  

not blonde,

             that night


i drive home along the highway

and exit the loop road

turn off

on the left








Em Meller is an aspiring which, and great speller. She has work in places like The Lifted Brow, Seizure and Voiceworks. Right now she is doing an MSt in Creative Writing. Super fun tweets @EmMeller.

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