Untitled (Stalagmites)

Moving against pellucid water,
a neon white display
in a just-manageable challenge.

I’m suspended in the crouch
before the leap, but it is sweet
of you to say I have good form
as I leak through the boundaries
between here and there.

Memories march and wander as
a masquerading list of rules
to help me make better decisions,
while you tell me you still dream
in first person.

I soak about the truth
of what happened to you:
not on drugs, apparently,
although you had been reading a lot
of books on Renaissance magic.
They always say you shouldn’t
try to save a drowning man
(a snake-monster in disguise)

Let’s just boil this down
to the basic elements
and see how far you get,
It could end up as an interesting
conversation starter, like
taking breaks from your game
to watch someone else
play it on YouTube.

You said you lost out on
your identity because synthetic
beings were sitting in your seat,
while I spend hours researching
every medical drama ever made
and how to brighten empty corners
with tall indoor plants.

All my fantasies custom-
made and come-true
I’m just resting my eyes
in a reality near you
while the bathwater turns
calcite green with the pitter-pat
of growing stalagmites.







Hannah Jenkins is currently studying a Master of Curating and Cultural Leadership at UNSW Art & Design where they get to write about AI and VR in the art world. You can find Hannah on Twitter @hiijenks where they sporadically tweet anime screenshots and selfies.

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