you go to work drinks and say you will just have a couple. a few mates of yours have quit and today is their last day. you drink and drink, and scab a dart off a colleague. you don’t even fucking smoke. everyone leaves to go out and you and a male colleague make excuses not to go. you hook up and he convinces you to go home with him. you’re off your tits but a warm body in bed beside you is better than no body. you mess around but you are too drunk to fuck and you both pass out. at 2:00am you bolt upright, mouth dry, and realise that you don’t want to wake up next to this man. you shove your undies and bra into your bag, throw your dress on and leg it into an uber. 



you get home at 2:30am and have a few hours of fitful sleep. the sun streams through your window around 6:00am and wakes you. you look at your phone; a text from the guy you’re sort of seeing. you respond, and he responds immediately. he’s at Revolver. an hour later he’s in your bed, eyes like wormholes. he proposes you do lines together. part of you wants to but a sliver of sensibility kicks in and you say no. you cuddle. he writhes and sweats and gurns for a while but you both eventually get a few hours of sleep. every time you roll away in your sleep he comes back to you. your sleep deepens wrapped in his heavy arms. later you notice that he’s saved you in his phone with the love heart eyes emoji after your name. you are secretly pleased even though you tell your friends that he’s far too into you.


you go to the pub with your mates that night to watch the rugby world cup final. some dickhead spills his beer on you. you share an uber home with your housemates and stay up having a chat. you think that this sense of camaraderie is maybe the best thing in the world. this is probably how soldiers in ww1 felt in the trenches the night before going over the top in the morning.



your housemate wakes you up to tell you that her and her boyfriend are making everyone pancakes for breakfast. your dad used to do this so this gives you the real warm fuzzies. you all drink tea and eat pancakes, and then snuggle up on the couch together to watch miss congeniality.


it’s sunday night and you are drinking at the pub with your mate and his girlfriend. they are banging on about non-monogamy and whether they would characterise their relationship as open or polyamorous. they don’t like one night stands, they are looking for a serious secondary partner. you try not to think about all the times he’s tried to sleep with you. you message the guy you are sort of seeing to see if he wants to cuddle. he says rain check. you walk home and order hot chips on ubereats to coincide with your arrival. you get in the front door and hear your housemate and her boyfriend in bed together. you eat your chips in your underpants while watching makeup videos on youtube. at your age your mother was married. you remind yourself that you have two degrees. 



your alarm goes off at 6:30am. you don’t need to be up for work for at least an hour but you entertain the thought of a 7:00am gym class. you snooze the alarm and silently curse yourself for spending $55 per week on this fucking gym. you’re awake though, so you masturbate instead. you scroll through images and scenarios from your memory. you cum when you think of how this guy that you were really into sweetly kissed the inside of your wrist during sex.



Pisces Moon is a high achiever turned fuck up. She lives mostly in her own head.

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