wow she says cool sky

Neil and Kathy Carey

woke up and in front of the sky there was a small satellite dish stuck to a building i got out of bed and walked towards my phone touched my phone and took it back into bed i pressed on two things

the first thing spoke of the delusion of twenty five year olds because of the simultaneous existence of coconut water and climate change the second thing was written by a nasa scientist who spoke of a crumbling civilization due to a growing gap between elites and the rest how it happened to the romans how it happened to the mayans how it will happen to us who is us i thought lying on my side holding my phone what is civilisation

i got out of bed and did body weight exercises had a shower muesli a conversation with my housemate who just read a study that proves that meat proteins are bad for humans i fed the fish drank coffee drove to university along a freeway observed trucks driving in a row the sky was pale blue with some white on the horizon

in the afternoon my sister called to say she couldn’t come to see a play with me because she is pregnant and the play is about frankenstein i am crying at kleenex ads on tv she said that’s ok i understand i said i am due to have a baby in four weeks she said i know i said

in the evening i ate curry i paid and walked homewards through the busy street then turned around and went back to the restaurant to buy a mango lassi

now i’m in my room sitting next to the window the guy in the apartment above me had an operation on his sinuses and has not left his room for a week he is twenty eight i see his girlfriend in the garage of our apartment sitting on the floor smoking a cigarette using a small japanese glass with a cartoon elephant on it as an ashtray she is twenty six i hear footsteps on the floorboards above me look at the sky he says to his girlfriend out of the window jesus would you look at the sky his twenty six year old girlfriend lifts up her head wow she says cool sky


This is the first of a three-part series of poems by Oscar Schwartz. The second poem will be posted next Monday. Image from flickr.


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